A strong foundation

Another big milestone for us…the foundation was poured! Our house will be elevated so the process is different that building a regular house. (I’ll do my best to describe this part…Steve would do a much better job!)

On Saturday we drove over to the lot and there were big trenches in the ground where the concrete will be poured, and there were a couple guys in the trenches getting things ready for the concrete. There was rebar (steel bars) in the bottom of the trenches and rebar sticking up from the bottom.

Yesterday they poured the concrete into the trenches to create the footer for the house. It was pretty incredible to see all the action going on. They had a truck with this huge arm that the concrete spilled out of. There were three concrete tucks lined up that poured the mixed concrete into that first truck. The guys on the ground guided that huge arm to pour the concrete into the right places. Then they got in there and leveled everything out.

Today they will come back and put cinder blocks on all that rebar that’s stick out of the bottom. That will assemble all the piers around the foundation. I think they’ll be about 8 feet high.

It was very cold and sunny yesterday. And I gotta be honest, Steve was much more excited about all this than I was. I actually sat in the car for most of it. He did not. He took about 1,000 pictures and probably 75 videos. Haha!

Today I get to do something more fun…going to meet with the cabinet person and I can hardly wait!

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  1. Very exciting! I like your neighbor’s house, too. Such a beautiful neighborhood. Can’t wait to see what you decide for the cabinets. I think that would be the most exciting thing!!!!!!

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