Designing Our Home

The design process started when we met Phil Clarke of Clarke Design Group back in March of 2018. Phil is such a respected architect, has designed some of the most beautiful lowcountry homes in Charleston. He is truly one of the nicest guys ever and such a pleasure to work with! We sat at a table and told him what we were envisioning for the house and we studied the layout of our lot. The people that owned the lot before us had planned to put a 2 story house in the far left corner, next to the neighboring home. There just didn’t seem to be much room for a house due to all the large live oak trees and the setbacks from the water. I think it was Craig who had the idea to create a separate master wing on one side of the house, connected by a foyer, with the living area on the other side of the house and bedrooms above the living area.

The next time we met with Phil we were amazed at what he came up with! He really listened to us and designed such a great house. His first design had the master wing on the right side of the lot with the family room and 2nd floor of bedrooms on the left side of the lot. So, the front of the house was mostly master bedroom which seemed odd. Next, he switched them around and the house flowed much better and took better advantage of the beautiful view from more of the rooms. We had many meetings after that where we gave feedback and he’d make the changes. We could hardly believe how incredible the designs turned out, so much better thane we had ever imagined. Next the plans went to the engineer.

It was the end of July when we had our final plans. Then, Craig had to spec everything out, which would take about another month. This phase is where Craig figured the actual cost of everything we wanted in the house. We had to make a few adjustments here because during the design phase we had no idea of some of the costs. This is how we came up with the approximate cost of the house.

Phil said the style of our house is a Modern Lowcountry Farmhouse…sounds perfect to me.

Here are some pictures of our final plans from Phil. We’ve had to make a few changes since.

Our first full set of plans! Front elevation. Garage section is attached but is on a diagonal, you can see it on the first floor layout.
First Floor. Top of picture is street side and bottom is water side.
Second Floor layout. Second floor is above the Kitchen and Family room.

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