So much is happening at the house these past couple weeks. This post is going to be full of pictures to show all the different things that are going on.

Think I’ll start off with one of my favorite parts of the house…the trim work that’s happening throughout the interior, especially all the shiplap. The trim work is really an art and I feel like it’s making the house feel so special.

First signs of shiplap! They started off in the foyer and I love it so much.
Shiplap on the family room wall. This door goes out to the balcony on the front of the house.
We have watched them build boxes like these for every door and window
These are the doors I chose. They’re very tall, 8 foot…Steve sized.
These are beams in the master bedroom ceiling, Craig’s idea and I love it.
Craig is showing one of the trim guys what he is envisioning for the fireplace. We are sort of copying what he did on a fireplace in one of his other houses.
This is the raw wood hood that I found online, thought would be perfect and had it shipped to our cabinet people so they can prime it and paint it the same white as the cabinets. Since the range is blue I want to keep the hood and little more simple and white.
This is the view of the back of the house if you’re sitting on the master bedroom porch.
Front of the house this month.
Saved the best (for Steve) for last. We had the drive on boat slip installed this past week and Steve drove the boat from our boat slip downtown at Bristol Marina across the harbor to our house.
And there he is! It’s hard for me to express the amount of happiness he is feeling to bring the boat home. He’s had a permanent smile on his face all week.
The boat lives here now. We don’t, but the boat does.
We drove over to the house yesterday, got in the boat and went for a ride. It was awesome and this is what’s in our new back yard….. so peaceful and beyond beautiful.

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