We are still in the framing mode. Seems like new wood is delivered every time we visit, and these guys (and a girl!) are moving so quickly that it kind of amazes me. They study the plans, measure, cut, put the beams in place…over and over again. The whole exterior of the house has been framed and they have put the roof trusses on too. Now we can really “feel” what the house will be like.

I’m thinking this is probably the most exciting part of building the house because it seems like it went so quickly from plans to a house. It feels like we should be able to move in soon! But no, that’s not the case… these other parts will take lots of time and we will have to wait quite a bit longer. But that’s okay, because we are enjoying this whole process…and are loving living downtown right now too.

This first picture is the front of the house. Steve takes a picture from the same spot every time he goes to the house. Those will be fun to look at when it’s all done.

Another one of the front of the house, it keeps getting better.
This is another view from the front, side of the house. You can see a little of the back porch (my favorite spot) there on the right side, and the staircase will come down from that side.
As we looked up at the trusses we saw our name written on lots of the wood. This one is right above where our bed will be. I wanted to remember it before it gets covered up.
There’s Steve in the Master Bedroom. We didn’t realize that roof would be so high in there.
Love that!
More of the Master roof trusses.
This is a picture of the back left side of the house. Those 3 big windows on the right will be the foyer windows, and that part in the middle will be the dining room. Screened porch will be on the far left.

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