From lot to house…

I was in DC last week with Colbie and came home to more progress with the house. There are now huge piers coming from the ground which outline the footprint of our house.

They also spent a lot of time refining the grade of the land around the house. This is so important for rainwater to flow correctly – away from the house and toward the water behind the house and toward the street. They also had to keep the original grade around all of the live oak trees, which is very important for the health of the trees.

On Friday they poured the slab and smoothed out the concrete for the ground floor. So on Sunday, for the first time we could walk on it and imagine the rooms that would be above us. It was pretty exciting!

Today they dropped off the initial lumber for framing and they plan to start framing the house tomorrow.

The week before I went to DC I picked out the cabinetry for the entire house. Craig sent me to HWC Custom Cabinetry in North Charleston. They’re a great local business and they build all the cabinets right there on site. Our house is a modern coastal farmhouse so I’m going with lots of whites, blues and natural woods. I chose white shaker style cabinets throughout the house, except in the Master Bathroom. In the Master Bath I’m going to use light blue cabinets with carrara marble tops…looks spa like and calm.

I noticed this week that I have stopped calling it “our lot” and now I say, “let’s go see our house”.

View from the street, front of house, the piers making a footprint of the house.
Here the crew is pouring the slab and smoothing it out.
View through the side of the house.

Wood delivered, framing is next!

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