Getting there!

Here’s a current picture of our house:

I haven’t posted for a month but you’ll notice that not a whole lot seems to have changed on the exterior of the house. The metal roof was completed and we are so happy with it. But, the painting came to a stop a few weeks back when our painter went on vacation and seemed to stay away longer then planned. Fortunately, Craig finally did get in touch with him and he will be returning soon to finish painting. Phew! The exterior needs a second coat and the base hasn’t even gotten a first coat. Actually, we are ok with how long the painting is taking because they are doing an incredible job.

Our exterior goose-neck garage lights and front porch hanging lantern were installed.

The good news is that a whole lot is happening inside the house! While I was in California helping Dave all the cabinetry was installed in the kitchen, laundry room and all bathrooms. The marble and quartz counter tops were supposed to be placed on top of all those cabinets soon after, but we had a little delay due to Hurricane Dorian blowing through here. Thankfully, the hurricane was more of a tropical storm that didn’t cause much harm.

So, the counter tops came the following week. You can see the marble on the island in the picture below. The afternoon of the install I drove to the house and walked inside holding my breath, hoping I would still like it but a little worried because it is so different. Well, I absolutely LOVE it and I feel like it looks perfect in the kitchen. The colors in the marble (light blue, gray, green) seem to reflect all the colors outside the windows with the sky, trees, marsh and water. The perimeter of the kitchen is white quartz which is the most durable so I won’t have to worry about staining when I’m cooking. All the bathrooms and the laundry room have carrara marble from the slabs that I picked out a long time ago and it looks really nice.

Here are the kitchen cabinets with open spots for the appliances. So happy with the marble!

Laundry room cabinets and counters, even have a faucet and hardware.
Master Bathroom light blue cabinets and carrara marble tops.

All the plumbing fixtures have been installed too. We have faucets all over the place along with running water:)

The lighting was also put in throughout the interior and exterior. It felt like Christmas opening all the lighting boxes of all these lights that I picked out so long ago. The electricians were here working hard all week and they got them all in. I think one of my favorite things we did is install swing arm sconces above our bed. I always love them in hotel rooms for reading in bed, very happy about those. Below is a picture of the light I chose for the foyer. It’s very unique, seems modern but also farmhouse. I actually saw it in a room on the cover of Veranda magazine this summer.

Yes, we are getting close to living in this house! We are now waiting for the electric company to come and put in the meter and officially turn on the electricity. Unfortunately, we are waiting for a special crew to come with equipment to bore under a tree to get to the meter on the side of our house. The electric company got behind after the hurricane because they had so many homes without power. So, we are waiting patiently:)

Once the electric is in we can turn the air conditioning on, bring all the wood in for the floors. Let the floors acclimate and then they will install them. Once the floors are in they can bring in all the appliances. Then they can finish the final trim work and put the second coat of paint on the interior walls, and we can finish all the other many details. So hopefully it won’t be too much longer….

This final pic the view when you come in the front door. Can hardly wait to live here!

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