Interior and Exterior

We’ve had big changes to the interior and the exterior of the house the past couple weeks. First the interior…all the sheet rock, drywall, has been put up throughout the entire house…all the walls and ceiling. It took a while and got pretty messy, but the interior is looking and feeling like a real house now.

Sheet rock in dining area and part of foyer.
Sheet rock in family room and kitchen.
Sheet rock in Master Bedroom.
Sheet rock around foyer windows.

The exterior of the house looks quite a bit different too. They added the wooden louvers on the base of the house. They’re almost done, just a few more sections to add. Soon I’ll have to figure out what color I want them to be:)

They also added railings to all the porches around the house. We chose horizontal wooden railings and I think they add so much to the look of the house, love them so much.

Louvers added to the base and porch railings almost complete.
Grill deck off the back porch of the house.
Little balcony on the front, right side of the house.
Railings on back screened porch.
View from other side of the back screened porch.

One of the best things we heard this week was from one of our new neighbors…she told us that she sees the people working on our house fishing off our dock and she saw one of the guys catch a big fish, maybe 15 inches…pretty good! We put a couple adirondack chairs on the dock and hang out there sometimes. It’s so beautiful and peaceful. Last meeting Steve had with Craig, our builder, was sitting on those chairs…Steve’s kind of meeting.

Next up…trim work begins this week!

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