Never thought dirt could be so exciting

Yesterday we pulled in front of our lot and it looked so different….lots more dirt!

Craig’s sign is now posted and he had them re-stake the outline of our house, so they would know where to dump all the dirt. A big bulldozer is moving the loads of dirt that have been brought in and the pad of our house is being built up. The pad already feels higher than the rest of the lot but still needs to be built up quite a bit more.

There is now a little ‘gravel driveway’ at the entrance of the lot where out driveway will eventually be.

They put fencing around all of our trees for protection and a barrier across the back area near the setback and water area. We had our tree guy come and fertilize all the trees also. He said this is all very stressful for them and the fertilizer should really help. I’m praying they’ll all be ok. We are the second to last home to be built of the 131 homes in our neighborhood. And, there are beautiful trees all over the neighborhood that did survive the construction process, so I think ours should be ok too.

It was such a gorgeous winter day… sun was shining, sky was so blue and it was almost high tide. Every time we’ve been there we’ve felt a breeze blowing from the water toward the house. The marsh is so pretty. I remember someone telling me years ago that the marsh changes colors with the seasons. Since it’s winter, the marsh is brownish. In the spring and summer it turns bright vivid green and in the fall it turns golden. Growing up in Pennsylvania I’ve always loved the change of seasons. But, Steve, growing up in California never understood them. We had them in Charlotte which I always loved. But when we lived in California and Florida there was really no change of season and I missed it. The changing marsh in our backyard will make us both very happy!

View from the street. That tree will be in front of our house.

Big bulldozer moving all the dirt around.
Fencing around the trees and protection for the setback zone by the water. View from the side of the lot.
Our view, on such a beautiful winter day in the lowcountry! Can’t wait to see what it looks like from the screened porch.

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