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We have a new point of view…because we finally got up to our first floor and saw our actual views from inside the house! Until now we could only see from the ground floor, but yesterday we climbed a ladder and got up to the first floor.

The framers are moving along so quickly, but we did have a tree issue last week that delayed them a day. The tree in the front and the one on the right side of the house both had branches that were in the way of the walls on the first and 2nd floor. The tree guys spent a whole day trimming those huge branches carefully with ropes and got them all out of the way, with the least possible damage to the trees.

All of the first floor exterior walls are up and most of the interior framing is done as well. It felt incredible to walk around in the rooms that we have obsessed over on our plans… and imagined and wondered what they would actually be like. The thing that was the most surprising to me was all of the trees that you can see from so many windows. It kind of feels like you’re in a tree house!

This first picture is of the front of the house where you can see the first floor and the whole outline of the house. Steve has gotten into the habit of taking a picture from this same spot every time we go to the house.

This next picture is the view when you walk in our front door. There will be a wall of windows directly across from the door and you’ll see this beautiful tree and the marsh and water.

Next, if you walk to the right you’ll enter the kitchen and family room. Here is where our dining table will be.

This next picture is a wall of window in our kitchen. The kitchen sink will be below the center of those three windows. They overlook the front of the house and that big tree.

Below is a picture of the dining room again and a part of the great room. The right side is cut off and I didn’t get a good pic of the whole thing.

This final picture below is my favorite…its from our back porch where I think we will spend most of our time. It was such a pretty day yesterday when I took these photos. The sky was so blue and I love how you can see the clouds reflecting in the water.

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