Site Prep

Site prep started on our lot on December 12, 2018! It was a very exciting day for Steve and I!

It took a bit longer to get to this point than we thought it would. The building permitting process, our attorney reviewing the contract with our builder, and working with the bank on funding- all took longer than expected. Craig says it should take about a year to build and that we will be living there next Christmas. We added to the contract that if it’s not done in a year he has to start paying us each month. He didn’t want to agree to it, but somehow Steve got him to 🙂 The other house that he built on our street is larger than ours and took only ten months, so I’m hopeful it will be less than a year.

We also had Brittany and AJ’s amazing wedding in October!!! Woohhh! It kept us busy beforehand and then….it truly was the best day ever for Brittany and AJ….and us too! It was so special to have all our loved ones here in Charleston to help us celebrate their beautiful wedding.

Below are some pictures of the excavator clearing space for our house. It was so great to finally get started, but I admit it was a bit hard to see some of the trees being chopped down. All the large live oaks remain, as well as, all the trees in the setback area near the water, which we’re not allowed to touch. Next they will bring in truckloads of dirt to build up the pad for the foundation of the house.

So now we have a nice cleared spot to but our house on, I can almost picture it!

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