So Many Choices

The house is moving along – there’s been lots of activity every day. Here’s a pic of Steve and I in front of the house and the dumpsters!

They started putting the cement board siding on the exterior of the house a few weeks ago and are almost done with it…and it’s looking so good. They put copper flashing at the base of all the windows and the base of the exterior walls. Then they framed all the windows and made them all look so nice.

Back of house, cement siding almost done.

They put the decking on all of the porches -being on the water we thought it was best to upgrade to Garapa wood decking. Garapa is a Brazilian Oak that is naturally resisant to wood decay and insect damage and has the same fire rating as concrete…and it looks beautiful. We had never heard of this wood until Craig told us about it. Here are a couple pics of the screened porch floor:

Meanwhile in the interior, all the rough-ins have been completed. The HVAC, the plumbing and all the electric is all inside the walls. Steve has been taking pictures of all the open walls in case we’ll need to know what’s inside of them in the future. Here’s a pic of what’s happening in our kitchen above where the range will be:

Lately there have been so many choices to make! Steve has been taking care of all the electrical, HVAC…infrastructure things with the house and I’m choosing the design type things. We run everything by each other, but we are each taking care of what we like and know best.

We are almost done picking things out, and I’m happy about that. We really had a good idea of what we wanted, but there are so many things to choose from that sometimes if feels a bit overwhelming. I’m trying to keep things pretty classic, but I don’t want them to be boring. I also have to try to stay in budget, which I’ve been doing a good job of. I’ve been obsessed with Pinterest and Houzz lately, doing lots of “research”. I love picking things out, but I also have the fear of making a mistake, so I put a lot of time into each of these different things.

1)Lighting: I spent a day at Ferguson, working with Courtney Beall for about 3 hours and picked out every light fixture and ceiling fan for the entire interior and exterior of the house. This appointment was so much fun and I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted and didn’t want. You can see in the picture below that my LaCorneu blue range was the inspiration for a lot of the lighting (these are some of the things I chose).

2) Cabinet hardware: I guess I never really paid attention to cabinet hardware, so when I started choose ours I had a hard time weeding through all the different options. It took me a while but I went pretty classic, going with chrome bar pulls on all the drawers and chrome knobs on the cabinet doors. Our faucets are chrome also, so that worked.

3) Marble/stone/tile: I am still in the process of making final decisions on the counter tops and floor tiles. There is so much to think about with these. The bathrooms have been easy for me, but I’m having a little trouble making final choices on the kitchen. I think I’m going to do marble on the island and a harder surface on the perimeter. Then, I have to figure out my back splash too. Here’s a picture of some of the samples of marble, cabinetry and tile that I’m liking:

Here’s a shower in the Melcer Tile showroom that inspired me for our bathrooms:

Colbie was home visiting and signed her name on some wood near the front door. Yesterday Brittany signed her name right below. Next week they will start putting up the sheet rock and their names will always be there:) We LOVED showing them everything! We are going to make so many great memories in this house.

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