Staircases and insulation are underway

We went to the house on Friday after not being there for a whole week. We were so excited when we pulled up and saw that they were building the front and side staircases. They aren’t complete yet but already look so good and add so much to the exterior of the house.

Here’s a picture of the front staircase in progress:

And here’s a picture of the stairs on the side of the house. They will come out of the screen porch on the back of the house.

And this is a view looking at the stairs from the back porch:

Next, we walked under the house and this is what we saw…this guy in what looked like a space suit spraying foam on the ceiling! We are having closed cell foam insulation sprayed on the ceilings and under the floors of the whole house. It’s like an extra layer of insulation and it will make the house more energy efficient, which will be especially good during the hot humid months.

Here’s what the foam looked like on the ceiling of the Master Bedroom:

They also put pink (which I liked) insulation in all of the walls throughout the house. This picture is in the dining room.

Looks like we are almost ready for sheetrock. Woohoo!

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