Trees, Trees and More Trees

The next thing we needed to do was get the building permit from the city of Charleston, and this included working with the city to get approval to remove some of the smaller live oaks that were in the footprint of the house. Turns out Charleston employs a full time tree guy who protects the live oak trees. The live oaks are the huge beautiful trees that are all over the south. These trees are considered the evergreen trees of the oaks, something I never knew until now. They don’t lose their leaves in the fall like other oaks, but they do have new growth in the spring.

We had an arborist look at one of the big trees in the front of the property that seemed half dead and had grown sideways over the driveway. Turns out that tree had cancor disease growing on it, so we had to ask permission to remove that one too. We found out that three of our trees (the one in the front, one on the side and one in the back) are probably 200 years old!

I love trees so much and am so happy that we will be surrounded by these huge beautiful old trees. We plan to take very good care of them.

We finally did get approval for removal of the trees that needed to be removed and we did get the building permit to build our house!

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