We’ve got windows, doors and a dock!

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted and a lot has happened with our house. The framing is almost complete and the house has been wrapped in Typar. The windows and some of the exterior doors have been installed and in the backyard we now have a pretty cool dock.

Something you’ll notice in the recent pictures is that spring is here and the trees and marsh are looking so much greener. Charleston is blooming and so beautiful right now (we’ve gotten past all the pollen film on everything!). This is my favorite time of year.

Here’s a recent photo of the house wrapped and the windows and doors in:

Another big thing that happened a few weeks ago is the dock was built. The tides behind our house will vary about 6 feet from low to high, twice a day. So, the dock was built to be able to slowly go up and down as the tides come in and out. This was the most exciting part of building process for Steve as you can see in the pics below:)

View of the dock from our back porch.

The windows and doors were installed and it made the house feel so different, like a real house. We chose impact windows (hurricane windows) that can withstand winds of 150 mph, hurricane force winds. If we had gone with regular windows we would have had to also purchase “window covers”. Those window covers are put up over the windows whenever there’s a hurricane warning to protect the windows in case of high winds. In the past couple years this has happened quite a few times. Our house is so tall that we’d have to hire someone to come and put them all up. We’ve heard it’s hard to get someone to actually come and do that and that it’s expensive. Then you have to get them to come back and take them down. With the impact windows we don’t have to worry about that.

They’re also very safe because they’re almost impossible to break. We watched a video of a 2 X 4 being thrown at one of the windows emulating 150 mph winds and it didn’t break it.

I also love how they open sideways, like a door, and not up and down.

Window in the dining room looking out back.
Another dining room window looking out to the back porch.
These windows and door are in the family room and look out to the front of the house. That door goes out to a little balcony on the front of the house.
Doors and windows in the Master Bedroom that lead out to a porch.

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